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Dubai, UAE, February 22nd, 2011 - The Second MENA Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference held in the Middle East took place at The Intercontinental Hotel, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on February 22nd, 2011. The event was hosted by Shift Technologies, sponsored by IBM and Maptech and attended by over 70 executives who shared their experiences on the event’s theme entitled: “Enabling Best Practices Implementation Using Enterprise Architecture”.


Enterprise Architecture is an international best practice that has been adopted by key organizations in the Middle East region. In fact, Enterprise Architecture provides the discipline, methodology, and practice for translating business vision and strategy into the fundamental structures and dynamics of an enterprise at various levels of abstraction. The models, principles, guidelines, and policies focus the creativity of the organization in areas that need innovation and transformation to establish organizational capabilities aligned with the business strategic intents.

The event featured global leaders in the Enterprise Architecture field including Chris Parnell, Director of The Open Group, Abdallah El Kadi, Managing Director of Open Group Arabia and CEO of Shift Technologies, Jim Hietala, the Vice President of Security for The Open Group, Dr. Christopher Harding, Director for SOA, Semantic Interoperability, and Cloud Computing for The Open Group, and Paul van der Merwe, one of South Africa’s most dynamic and insightful EA thought leaders. The conference hosted Dr. Abdel Rahim Jallad, CEO of The Excellencors, to present the role of EFQM as a Framework for Enterprise Excellence Architecture. Based on his experience Fadi Hindi, Director of Consulting at Shift Technologies, talked about Practitioners Experience in Establishing and Running Successful EA Programs in the Region. The event also featured implementation testimonies from organizations including the National Bank of Abu Dhabi by Saher Arar, Head of IT Strategy & Planning, who have endorsed an Enterprise Architecture-driven approach to deliver successful transformation results. To complement these topics the event featured Dr. Tariq Aslam, MENA Rational Regional Manager, and Sari Eldadah, Advisory IT Specialist, from IBM, the international leader in Enterprise Architecture solutions, who demonstrated how effective tooling is used to achieve efficient Enterprise Architecture results.

The event celebrated the outstanding achievements of industry professionals in the field of Enterprise Architecture and relevant excellence practices through the awarding of The Open Group Arabia Awards. The winners of the awards included, Dubai Customs, Dubai Municipality, Abu Dhabi Judicial Department, Oman Information Technology Authority, National Bank of Abu Dhabi and UAE Ministry Of Economy.


“This event represents the starting point for a long-term engagement for The Open Group in the Arab world. Our mission at The Open Group Arabia is to work closely with regional professionals to develop a working group that can effectively contribute to the initiatives of the enterprise architecture forum.

In the process, The Open Group Arabia will focus on raising the awareness of governments, banking, telecom, oil & gas and other private companies about the value of enterprise architecture and its associated methods, processes and tools” said Abdallah El Kadi, Managing Director of The Open Group Arabia, CEO of Shift Technologies.


“We are planning monthly activities for the new members of The Open Group Arabia and a number of seminars and workshops around the Arab world to help establish a common understanding of what enterprise architecture means and how it can be applied effectively to provide a solid platform for effective organizational transformation” he added.

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